esma // marta

Earlier this year I traveled with a creative team led by The Table Initiative to visit a collection of rad nonprofits in Ethiopia. Our time there was equally heavy and heart-filling. Unthinkable brokenness exists, but so does unwavering hope. My goodness is that difficult to reconcile on most days.

I quickly grew to adore the kids I met and the babies I held at ESMAfrica, and I was deeply grateful to witness how the organization loves on them.

Here's a video I made about a strong and brave girl named Marta who was declared by her tribe to be a mingi (cursed). It'd mean so much if you'd share a few minutes to hear her story. And hopefully be reminded that we're each worthy and loved just as and where we are.

A zillion thanks to my team for being with me every step of the way, and another zillion thanks to my trip fundraiser supporters for making the experience possible.