Hello! My name is Angela and documenting life in photo and film form makes my heart really happy. DC is home, but I'm a wanderer and wonderer craving to dwell at the intersection of cause and creativity. I’m absolutely fascinated by stories and their power to inspire social change.

The style of my work is simple, raw, and real. My aim is to encourage people to pause and reflect and then take positive action. Whether it’s to practice gratitude, or seek reconciliation in a relationship, or inspire extravagant acts of love, or be in awe of beauty, I hope to make art that will challenge people and brighten their days.

So, what's the story behind "mustard tights," you might ask? I wish the explanation was more profound—I really do—but it's sort of as straightforward as it can get. On most days of the year, you'll find me in a dress. This means that I own more tights than trousers (yoga pants and pajama bottoms count, right?). The mustard tights happen to be my signature pair.