cherry blossoms

The other day I was in an Uber to get across town and each time we turned into a new neighborhood, the driver exclaimed, "It's so beautiful! Amazing, no?!"

I couldn't help but smile in agreement as he pointed excitedly out the window to buildings and people and details he noticed. His enthusiasm was infectious and he reminded me how it's important to stay sensitized to the beauty of home. 

So a friend and I decided to meet for a sunrise walk around the Tidal Basin this morn before work. Though we both questioned our sanity (when setting the alarm for my friend and at the sound of the alarm for me) because we're not exactly morning people, the experience was well worth it. :)

It was San Francisco foggy, unexpectedly quiet, and beyond dreamy. We strolled slowly with no other agenda except to soak it all in. Because it really was quite beautiful. And amazing.