I'm forever astounded by and grateful for how my camera gets us invited to help document such personal moments in people's stories. Ones they want to celebrate. Ones they want to remember. There's something so special about making art or viewing art that evokes questions like, "Am I allowed to be here?" or "Am I intruding?" because it's like we get to take a shared step into somebody's behind the scenes. We get to explore what's real and human. And that makes my heart really happy.

Quite a few of my friends are new parents, but that doesn't change the fact that the whole making a baby thing is absolutely remarkable. I mean, is it not nuts that moms grow tiny humans in their bellies, and then give birth to beings who will develop thoughts and interests and dreams of their own one day? Amazing, right?

The transition into parenthood is a beautiful process to witness, and it was a true treat to hang with KC, Adam, and one-week-old Clarkson to make some photos together. I love their love.