march on!

Saturday morning's quiet greeted me as I arose and got ready for the day. The Women's March on Washington was upon us, and it was interesting to prepare for it as a DC resident. I organized some essentials in a fanny pack and affixed an "Introvert" pin to my dress' collar. 

Excitement and a tinge of uncertainty whirled around as I left the apartment, but my heart soared the moment I turned onto the main street. The District's sidewalks were spilling over with diverse collections of humans; I noticed people of varied ages and ethnicities and backgrounds with bold signs and pink pussy hats. Already the city felt smaller, more connected, safe.

If I'm honest, large crowds and I aren't exactly the best of pals (maybe you picked up on the pin reference), but I was compelled to march today to stand for love and hope and equality. It was a good life decision. 200K was expected to show up in Washington but 500K+ appeared instead. The sheer mass itself was incredible to witness, but what really blew me away was how everybody present acted generally peaceful and polite and pleasant. That fact filled me with hope and gratitude and light.

As you'd imagine, the rally and march were a people watcher's paradise. Marchers expressed empowerment through creative signs and solidarity through communal chants. The energy and emotion was raw and palpable.

On my walk home at the of the day, I was tired but invigorated as I thought about how going high does not mean going quietly.

Below is a collection of shots I snapped of the day on my phone. Solidarity, sisters and brothers! Together, we are fearless and powerful! <3