moments in minneapolis

My childhood friend Gloria flies out to Minneapolis weekly for work. We reconnected recently and she invited me to visit, so I did. It was a semi-solo trip because I explored the city by myself while Gloria was at the office, and we met to spend the evenings together.

The plan for the week was to not have a plan. And the hope was to sink into the rhythm of a few unhurried, unstructured days. 

I didn't take a ton of photographs, but I'm glad I captured these moments in Minneapolis. The latte made sweeter with lavender and honey. The farm-to-table meal savored while journaling. The brioche cake devoured a bit too quickly. The Mississippi River. The exploratory walks all around town. The view from the sky-deck of what was once the world's largest flour mill.

This was probably the first time traveling during which I didn't feel compelled to document every single thing I did or saw or ate. I willed myself to be present and pay attention to my surroundings and experiences. I created space to think in solitude. I stepped out of my comfort zone and chatted with locals. I deeply enjoyed sharing adventures with an old friend. I learned. And I think that's exactly what my spirit needed.