ingrid + keith // married

Some of you may know that I work at an organization called GlobalGiving. It's a special place filled with the smartest, funniest, most big-hearted people I know. Every day I count myself lucky to be surrounded by a team that I call my friends and family. In particular, getting to work with Ingrid is truly a treat, and getting to see her get married to Keith was an honor and a joy. 

The wedding day was relaxed and fun. It was filled with love and brimming with laughter. And boy did the ceremony pull at our heartstrings. We all formed a circle around the coupleboth Ingrid and Keith had their two sons standing behind them as their best men. They exchanged heartfelt vows and the crowd in unison pronounced them as husband and wife.

Also, Ingrid loooves littles, so they were everywhere. :)