keep austin weird // part two

There are some trips in which I choose to go with the flow and some trips--like this one--in which I plan very deliberately. The latter typically happens when I'm traveling with someone who enjoys food as deeply as I do, which was surely the case with Steph. 

I collected a number of Austin guides from friends who know the city well prior to the visit, and we culled through each list on the plane to decide what to tackle. Steph and I always do "halfsies" when dining together so that we can maximize what our taste buds get to experience. Documented here is our second full day in Austin. :)

Highlights? I had the best breakfast sandwich of my life at Hillside Farmacy, and I inhaled a salty oats cookie the size of my head at Walton's in honor of Sandra Bullock, one of my favorite actresses. (It's her shop!)