meeting halfway

Christy and I lived together in a house--that we referred to as Montage Cottage--during my fourth year of college. The doors to both our rooms opened out into the kitchen, where we often gathered to catch up, sit comfortably in silence (to study), and chitter chatter about our wildest hopes and dreams. 

We have a bit more space separating us now--Christy resides in Philly--but we thought it'd still be fun to meet halfway, so we marked our calendars with a Baltimore trip. Neither of us anticipated how timely and necessary the retreat would be. The day was spent brunching at Woodberry Kitchen and camping out at Artifact Coffee, where we caught up, sat comfortably in silence (to journal), and chitter chattered about our wildest hopes and dreams. 

I am grateful for lasting friendships. You know, the kind in which you pick up right where you left off like no time has passed regardless of how long it's been since you last saw one another. And the kind in which each individual realizes how maintaining relationships requires a lot of intention and effort, but decides that it's really worth it.